Design Excess System Requirements
Operating System We suggest you to use Microsoft® Windows® 11 Professional 64 bits edition with the last service packs. Each new release of the software is tested with the newest available operating system only. Because of security reasons, we do not test the software with discontinued operating systems However, this software may be also compatible with some older operating systems, including: Microsoft® Windows® 10 (Home Premium or superior) 64 bits edition Microsoft® Windows® 11 (Home Premium or superior) 64 bits edition Operating systems must be correctly installed, updated and running properly with all its available service packs. Note about Mac (Apple) Operating Systems According with some reports from users, this software (keyless and subscription version) could be successfully installed and it is working properly on some Apple computers (Windows on Virtual Machines). We do not offer, we do not warranty, and we do not support this software running on a Mac; as we didn't test that enough to suggest it. You can try it at your own risk.
Internet A high speed permanent Internet connection is absolutely necessary in order to run software subscriptions. The software registration/activation process requires an e-mail account to complete the license activation.
Computer The computer must meet a series of minimum characteristics in order to run the software. We suggest you to consider substantially exceeding the minimum required characteristics for a reasonable or much better software performance. A higher processor, more memory, a better video resolution or 2 monitors will improve the user experience Computer must be x64-based processor Intel or AMD architecture
Minimun configuration
Recommended configuration
Intel Core i5 (Gen 7 - running @ 3.3 GHz)
Intel Core i7 (Gen 11 - running @ 3.6 to 5.0 GHz)
4 Gb
8 to 16 Gb
1440 x 900 pixels, OpenGL acceleration
1920 x 1080 pixels, OpenGL acceleration
Display / Monitor
17 inches
23 inches / 16:9 aspect ratio
Free Disk Space
2 Gbytes
10 Gbytes
Export to floppy disk (only if required) (1)
Floppy disk unit
3.5 “ HD Non-USB
Note 1: Some floppy disk units will not read/write all machine formats. Non-DOS codes are not supported