The multi-document user interface allows you to easily share objects among designs, compare designs, explore settings you have already used and more. Document tabs also allows you to duplicate and rename with just a couple of clicks.

Highly Contextual

The tools appear automatically according to the task you are perfoming, to get a clean workspace.

Syncronized Views

View the design as a sequence of objects using the Documet Map, explore details using the Satellite View, check color variations and more… All views are syncronized and you can interact with most of them. Changes in a view are reflected in the others in real time.

Plenty of reference elements

Many helpfull reference elements available: Rulers Grid Rectangular and circular guidelines Hoops database and Garments catalog
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Use Artwork from any Source

The digitizing process can start from bitmap/raster graphic files or vector graphics, coming from websites or created in other commercial graphics applications, photo images obtained with a camera or scanner, and images or vectors imported from other graphics applications. The digitizing process can also start from drawings created in this application.

Vector objects processing

Vector objects imported from graphics files, from other graphics applications or created within the application, can be individually modified (shape, layout, dimension) and they can be also modified as blocks. Vector objects can also be combined as an union, subtraction, simplification, etc. allowing the creation of more complex objects.

Multiple options to digitize

Digitize your embroidery objects using vector images, by tracing regions in raster images or by using the included autoshapes gallery. Use the Smart Design tool to create your objects with just a couple of clicks.

Adjust your raster images

Scale, rotate, adjust contrast, saturation, reduce colors, add transparency and more. Stitch Era allows you to manipulate your images using in app tools !

Several Object types and stitch styles to

choose from

Create your designs using the perfect object type for each feature, such as lines, columns or various types of areas. A variety of stitch styles are available for each type of object.

Tools for comfortable digitizing

Grids, guidelines, several types of snaps, transparency, pan and zoom without interruption, automatic scrolling and more… This set of tools makes digitizing task, specially manual digitizing, easier and more productive.

Lettering System with Pre-digitized Fonts

The lettering system includes a library of fonts that have been pre- digitized by expert designers, so you can insert texts as simply as typing text and selecting the preferred font. Texts are fully editable: you can resize and move them as a whole and you can even adjust the position and size of the letters individually.

Lettering System with True-Type fonts

The lettering system allows the use of true-type fonts. Fonts installed on the computer and thousands of new fonts available online can be easily used. Create your designs with True-Type fonts texts a few seconds by simply entering the characters, choosing the font and indicating the proper stitch style.

Complete edition of the objects that make up your designs

Easily move, scale and rotate your objects. Edit their shape, stitch style and even their individual stitches.
Object's shape can be fully edited. All the geometric elements like nodes, holes, curves, etc. can be freely moved, added or deleted. Objects can also be scaled and rotated graphically or using precise tools. The whole geometric editing process is comfortable and intuitive. Inmediately upon changes, Stitch Era re-process the modified object to generate the stitches according to the new shape.

Select sets of objects quickly and easily

Select objects from the graphical view by clicking on them, drawing a rectangle or any outline or select according to their properties: object type, color or stitch style. You can also select a block of objects from the Document Map.

Stitch Editing

In addition to object editing where the software automatically generates stitches for the shape, you can edit object’s stitches individually change the stitch type move stitch end delete stitches add stitches an more And a set of advanced tools to select and edit blocks of stitches, including stitch patterns recognition, is also available.

Object's fill style editing

Objects can be filled with different stitches styles, and each style can be adjusted according to your preferences by editing the fill style properties. Once filling properties of each object are specified, they can be changed as much as necessary to get the expected result. Stitch Era automatically recalculates the object's stitches to reflect the changes made to its fill properties.

A complete set of tools for blocks

Move, scale and rotate blocks from the graphic view or by entering exact values. Align, copy, copy with mirror, circular and grid repetitions. Edit the fill style and stitch properties of all objects in the block at once.

Stitch Effects

Add creative details to your design using stitch effects. A variety of effects such us sphere, lens, wind, explosion and more are available, and you can control them graphically with a simple interface.